"I have suffered years of misery with ingrowing toenails and had to have treatment on many occasions. Years ago I even had my nails taken off by my Doctor. I arrived at the surgery as an emergency patient. The treatment I received was excellent. With the help of antibiotics and a surgical procedure, which permanently takes away the ingrowing nail sides, I have finally found a cure."

“After suffering with an ingrown nail on both sides of my big toe for several years and being very stubborn about having surgery, the pain finally got so severe I finally gave in. John removed both sides of the nail and I felt nothing. What a relief. That was 3 months ago and I have had no trouble since”.

“To visit Midhurst Chiropody is always a pleasure, John is a caring professional. I had an ingrown toe nail and a corn. Now thanks to John’s expert work the corn has gone, and my ingrown toenail is kept under control so I have no pain at all”.